Kevin Kowalski- An eight year old boy ( as of debut ) and a nine year old of today, figuring out the problems of the world. His friends and aqcuatinces are in these next few bios. Kevin grew up in Willosville , Ohio, and had a younger brother, Bob. Sadly, Bob went to school on his first preschool day, and had a nervous breakdown. Driven by his little bro's sickness, Kevin brought a friend over on Martin Luther King Day, 2010, and said, " Hey, get out your camera, and let's do a video, upload it, and do more!"So, Kowalski and Joe Billy, his friend, made Kevin rides a toy horse, currently with 89 views. Kevin is currently making Season 3, of his plush series. "Peace out!" is his favorite quote! Joe Billy- A nine year old cameraman. Friend of Kevin.